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“Have fun, feel good, buy stuff.”


Parkleigh Enterprises has been an Avanti customer since 1985. We visited their 6,500 square-foot store in Rochester, New York this week. The store is on Park Avenue at Goodman (right down the street from the Rochester Science Center). If you haven’t been there, you have to go! We had an amazing time and found the coolest stuff. Here’s our report!


Parkleigh is one of those amazing stores that differentiate themselves by creating an experience that people return to again and again. We found a HUGE collection of unique gift and home products, presented in really creative ways.

The staff was so nice. Even if you’re a pair of far-sighted chipmunks like us, they treat you like friends. Where else can you find people nice enough to lift you up to shop for cards?


They even introduced us to Parkleigh’s Manager, Daniel Mejak, so we quizzed him on what makes this store so special:


“From the moment you walk in we create what I can only describe as pleasurable sensory overload,” he said. “From the personal attention to the delicious scents, you immediately feel like you are somewhere special.”

“As society has become more technically overloaded, everyone is moving so fast. Nowadays our shoppers want one of two very different things: either to quickly find what they’re looking for, make an efficient purchase and get back to their busy day or to escape from the world and lose themselves a little by strolling through our store, making spontaneous discoveries, maybe working on their wish list.”

“A big part of the customer experience for us is our ability to read our customers and adapt to their needs, whether they are moving fast or trying to slow down. Avanti does what we do – it entertains, makes you smile, maybe gives a giggle, yet it’s still able to touch your heart and make it a useful experience.”

We spent a lot of time looking at their greeting cards – it’s so fun to shop such a wide variety!

If you haven’t been to Parkleigh recently you should stop by this weekend during the annual Park Avenue Festival. We’re told it’s quite the event and you’ll have a blast! If we see you there, please don’t step on our tails!

Detroit Yacht Club
Detroit News photo, circa 1920s

Organized in 1868 by local sailing enthusiasts, the Detroit Yacht Club boasts a rambling 1923 Mediterranean-style clubhouse located on a manmade island off Belle Isle. During its heyday, members included such leading citizens as industrialists Edsel Ford and Horace Dodge. However, it was DYC commodore Gar Wood who brought the most fame and prestige to the club and made Detroit the center of powerboat racing. Between 1917 and 1933, the self-educated engineer dominated hydroplane racing, at one point winning five straight Gold Cup races and the prestigious Harmsworth Trophy nine times. One 1931 race brought a million spectators to the Detroit River shoreline.

Part of our Historic Detroit Collection, benefitting the Detroit Historical Society.

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